Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Human Spirit Needs Nature

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Why the World Needs More Organic Gardeners

We are living at a crucial time in history.  The choices we make now will have a profound impact on our future as a species.  

Our world is polluted and toxic, but not beyond repair.  Rates of cancer, autism, obesity, Alzheimer's, dementia, depression, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD, and many more diseeases are at all time highs. Our bodies and our planet are both sick.  If we continue down our current path, the situation will only get worse.  If we all pull together and change how we do things, we have a fighting chance.

Public policy will dictate the most dramatic changes, especially concerning carbon emissions.  We can make a significant impact ourselves by making certain lifestyle changes, but we all have to do it together.  Each small act will combine with billions of other small acts to create positive change.  

It all starts in the garden.  The garden will heal us in many different ways.